Maryam Shams-Fasola Bologna was born into a family of real-estate experts and grew up in Monaco. From her earliest childhood, she had a feeling for bricks and mortar, and all closely related fields such as interior decor and design.

Of Persian origin, the young woman pursued her studies in Paris, London and New York. Totally fluent in French, English, Italian and Persian, she took courses with the exuberant Jacques Garcia and the minimalist, but so very talented, Philippe Stark. She passes from one world to the other with ease and delectation, always attentive to her clients, their desires and needs.

Based for 30 years in the Principality, the family estate agency encourages synergies, with Maryam Shams making her own contribution through refined and pertinent renovation enhancing the value of the properties acquired, whether the new owners wish to benefit from them personally or obtain immediate profits by placing them for sale without delay on the property market.

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